Friday, May 20


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Chairs thoughts on the Cup Final

I’ve been unusually quiet today! But let the crowing commence. I have closely watched, enjoyed and smiled, laughed and indeed shed a tear or two over our Cup Final win.

It took a monumental effort to get there, everyone at the Club pulling together, players and coaching staff training hard and pushing themselves to the limit.

They succeeded.

We knew it would not be an easy match, Gornal are not where they are for no reason (second in the league). They played a full on side (and supporters, including flares and smoke bombs) and we gave every inch as good as we got (minus the pyrotechnics), probably more in spirit and class.

Our boys took a lot of verbal from the teenage element of the home supporters, but our lads ignored and as always rose above the such pettiness, unpleasant though it was. That said exciting doesn’t do justice to what was happening on the pitch which was rivetting, absorbing, nail-biting, and nerve wracking and was not affected by the jeers. Our players behaved as ever with class and poise. God love ’em all!

We are justly proud of these boys and what they have achieved this season, along with of course their Manager, Matt Whitehouse and his team. We have had our longest run in the FA Vase in over a decade, the first cup final in a decade and the first cup final win in a decade, plus for the first time in a few seasons we are not (outstanding matches withstanding) in a relegation spot.

If you ask me if I’m proud, hell yes, I am damned proud of these lads, their commitment, work ethic, attitude and spirit. Life is never easy in non-league football and never with us, but this is how we roll and we always recover.

We enter a period of interesting times and will keep you posted and updated but want to swell the ranks of the #redarmy supporters, volunteers and sponsors ready for next season – something for everyone!

I don’t mind saying that it has been an emotional 24 hours all round and one I was glad to see over and done with with such a positive and well deserved outcome and in front of an impressive crowd, the stand was full all but a few seats with many people on the hard standing. These people who come to watch are, along with players, volunteers, and sponsors the very lifeblood of non-league football.

Enjoy the rest of the season!


Willenhall Town Football Club

Published by Russell Eynon