Thursday, October 28


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FT: Willenhall Town 1 AFC Bridgnorth 6

Update: 3 disputed goals resulted in Willenhall Town being on the receiving end of a 6-1 defeat. Danny Hemmings replied to 2 early goals from Bridgnorth. The 2nd half was dominated for the majority of the first half hour by The Lockmen before Bridgnorth scored a further 3 goals, 1 of which was given as over the line by the Referee’s Assistant……him being the only person to think that.

Match report here to follow.

Original: This Tuesday (16th September) we entertain AFC Bridgnorth looking to avenge a 5-1 defeat just over 3 weeks ago.

Adults £5, OAP £3, Kids £1. League season ticket holders (£2 discount) and NCS The Challenge members £1 discounted entry.

As always, match report to follow, once available, stats will be updated on receipt of match report.

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