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In the Dugout with Matt – 29.11.14

Reflection. It is a word which can be used for a number of different circumstances and situations. I am going to choose this word to look upon my first year in charge. I think overall it has been a tough year for me personally, but a very, very enjoyable one. I knew when I took the job that it would not be straight forward all the time. I have managed on a Sunday for the last five years and always been successful with league promotions and cup finals. This is my first managerial job at this level of football. I have never seen age as a boundary and I knew when I took this job that I was young to manage at this level of football. This was not a daunting prospect as I have always backed my coaching and managerial ability.

Keeping the club in the West Midland Regional was my first task. We managed to do that, my next task is to finish as high as possible and acknowledge our FA Vase run.

This leads me nicely on to my next point. I am writing this the day after we have been knocked out of the FA Vase. Obviously the raw emotion to feel is disappointment. I do feel however that we have to look deeper than that. Last night ended the best run the club has had in this particular competition for over a decade. As a manger, club and a group of players we should all be proud of this. What we have achieved has been incredible considering our resources. It has been a wonderful adventure for everyone fortunate enough to have been involved.

That particular chapter of the season is now over and it is now time to look forward to Saturday. We are back in to league action away at Malvern and everyone knows that we now have to start finding consistency which will lead to points to move us up the table. I feel this league is going to be a lot tighter than last year’s one so we have to start making our stamp on it starting Saturday.

Finally I would like to thank three groups of people. Firstly the players who have committed everything this season to play for me. They are an incredible set of lads and they represent the club impeccably, I know they will do everything in their powers to get results on the pitch.

Secondly is Simon, Sharon and the rest of the people involved behind the scenes at the club. What these people do is truly amazing and words fail me as to what they do week in, week out to keep the club running.

Thirdly, you the supporters.

We all truly appreciate your support and your commitment to following the club. Without you it would be a very lonely place for players and me as a manger when we do get a win on the pitch.

I hope you will continue to show your fantastic support.

Here’s to Tuesday in the Midweek Floodlit Challenge and next Saturday and three valuable points!

Yours in Sport

Matt Whitehouse


Published by Russell Eynon