Saturday, January 29


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Message from The Chairman

Another eventful year for @wtfcofficial but positive. We continued to work towards our primary objectives – to keep playing football and to keep our name. Once again we have achieved this.

We have also continued to develop our limited company status and continue to work on the final closure of the old committee status- still some work to do but we’re getting there and in the process changing the face of how we operate. Similarly our IT, web and social media provision has changed beyond recognition and this is also helping us to drive everything forward.

Matt Whitehouse came back for his first full season in charge and has developed and continues to develop his management team and coaching personnel, along obviously with his team.

This brings us to the team. We have over the years had some excellent and committed players however this season the players are quite something else. They have given new meaning to commitment and have embraced the training regime and culture of the Club in a professional and passionate manner. They also have an understanding of how the club works and some of the issues it has to address and support us in moving forward. We are very proud of our lads and the amount of drive and determination they have put in this season. Many clubs had no doubt got accustomed to see playing us as an easy option and a quick win, however this has now changed and those assuming this usually get a surprise; the days of 5,6,7 goals and more going past us are long gone and we are giving teams at the top end of the table a run for their money. Our recent success in the FA Vase and Midweek Floodlit Challenge Cup are evidence of the development.

So what for 2015 and beyond? Football at this level is full of adventures to be had and this year will no doubt be more of the same. We aim to adhere to our primary objectives and continue to play football in our name, however we are now looking ambitiously to the future. In the summer we achieved Charter Standard Status and want to develop this further in coming years and as such are now working on our business plan taking us to 2020. Ambitious? Definately! Hard work? Absolutely! We do however feel we now have the right people in the right roles to think about the future and as such not only do we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, but offer thanks to all those who have supported us through this year, our players, management, volunteers, supporters and sponsors. We look forward to seeing you all again in the new year and working towards the future positively.

With sincere thanks,

Published by Russell Eynon