Saturday, January 29


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In the Dugout with Matt 20.1.15

Good evening everyone and welcome to tonight’s game here at Long Lane Park.
Tonight we play Highgate and I would like to welcome all club officials, players and fans and wish them a safe journey home after the game.

Matt WhitehouseUnfortunately the weather beat us again on Saturday and it is always frustrating for everyone involved with the club.
We were hoping to build some momentum after two performances on our travels which were certainly not for the faint hearted!

Two draws which we all know should of been wins however sometimes you just have to learn and move on.
I look at the team and the club overall and I ask myself regularly, are we in a better position than a year ago? Of course in the league we all know that we would like to be higher and away from the relegation zone. I do believe that if we continue to play the way we have been of late then climbing the table won’t be very far away at all.
I feel we are in a better position overall than 12 months ago and we will continue to work hard to keep improving.

Tonight is a break from the league but in my eyes just as important. I feel that a good cup run helps build confidence and it certainly wouldn’t harm us if we could progress into the semi final. This however will not be an easy task. Our opponents this evening are having an excellent season and I am sure they will prove a tough test for us. As always you as fans should be comfortable in the knowledge that the players will be doing everything in their power, as will I, to take us through this round.

I hope you all enjoy the game.

Yours in Sport.
Matt Whitehouse

Published by Russell Eynon