Saturday, January 29


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In the Dugout with Matt 14.02.15

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Long Lane Park.

Today we welcome Dudley Town as the visitors and I’d like to wish all their fans and officials a safe journey home after the game.


Until recently we had not enjoyed huge success here at our home ground. There are many reasons behind this, but it also starts to become stuck in the mentality. However we have now won the last 5 games here at long lane and that is certainly a nice habit to get in to.

Tuesday night was an excellent performance barring a ten minute spell before half time. I have said it before but the one thing which has really stuck out over recent weeks are the goals we have scored. We have averaged two goals a game since the turn of the year and this has helped us gain lots of momentum. It has also helped the players enjoy their game a lot more. Football should be about going out and scoring goals to beat the opponent; well, that’s what we have done lately. The players are now starting to go out believing they can compete in any game they play.

Today will be another challenge and one we will face head on with a squad full of players who are continuing to improve every week. We are now starting to look up instead of down for the first time this season really which is a nice place to be in now.

The players will again be doing their very best to go out and get three important points this afternoon.
Enjoy the game!

Yours in sport
Matt Whitehouse

Published by Russell Eynon