Thursday, October 28


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In the Dugout with Matt 7.2.15

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Long Lane Park. Today we welcome Smethwick Rangers and I would like to wish them a safe journey home after the game.

It’s certainly been a frustrating last week after the weather went against us. Postponements are always something that we want to avoid but unfortunately the great British climate isn’t always kind at this time of year.

However on the plus side we have played a lot more games than this time last year. At this stage we were still sitting on our hands after nearly nine weeks without playing.

On to today’s game which will be a real test for us. Smethwick come here still in a good position in the league so we will be hoping to take three points to move closer to them and the middle of the pack. I looked at our league form last week and to see that we have only lost 5 in the last 14 league games is a refreshing sight. We are also still unbeaten in 2015 and have a semi final to look forward to. It’s certainly an exciting time to be involved with the club. The second half of the season will continue to be full of thrills.

I hope you all enjoy the game today and will help cheers us on to three points.
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Published by Russell Eynon