Saturday, January 29


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In the Dugout with Matt 28.03.15

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Long Lane Park. In today’s game we host Black Country Rangers and I would like to wish them all a safe journey home after the game.

Today’s game is a pinnacle point in our season. We obviously went on an extremely good run up until the Khalsa game. That game and the two after it in the league were disappointing and as a group everyone knew that. It has kept us in the mix down the bottom which we were hoping by now we would be well clear of.

Before the Bilston game I asked for a response from the players and I’m delighted to say that the last two performances have shown what we can really do. The cup game was an excellent experience for everyone involved and to gain a trophy is always a wonderful feeling. The performance that night was superb and we fully deserved the win.

To then follow that with a more than deserved point away at 4th in the league topped off a very good few days for us. I felt really sorry for the players last week as I know that we had been the victims of poor officiating. I very rarely talk negatively about the officials as I would certainly not do their job, however it was a decision which was blatantly wrong and cost us two valuable points.

The last time we played this afternoons opposition it was a scintillating game for the neutral, however for a manager it was heart stopping! I am hoping that if we get into a lead today we can hold on to it to gain three very valuable points.

Enjoy the game!

Matt Whitehouse

Published by Russell Eynon