Saturday, January 29


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In The Dugout with Matt 3.3.15

Good evening everyone and welcome to Long Lane Park where this evening we welcome Cadbury Athletic for the semi final of the BCFA Midweek Floodlit challenge Cup. I would like to wish all their team staff and supporters a safe journey home after the game.

Another frustrating week or so, again, weather wise as postponements feature far more than we would like. It would have been nice to play as we are looking to return to our previous form as soon as possible after last Saturday.

To be honest with you that was my lowest point by a long way as manager of this football club. We know as a group it was far from good enough to come in such a meaningful and important game only added to that feeling. It was certainly a tough for one to and the lads obviously know my feelings and we all know if we are truthful that as a group it was no reflection on the work we have done, especially over the last three months.

It is now best to be not over analyse and move on and I can assure you the team will be using that awful feeling to try and turn it into a positive result this this evening. We have an exciting games ahead of us tonight. Today is a chance to make it to a cup final – our first in a very long time and I am proud we have come this far. But I want to now go all the way!

I hope that you stick with us as you always do to help the team push on and be successful. Enjoy the game!

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Matthew Whitehouse


Published by Russell Eynon