Thursday, October 28


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In the Dugout with Matt 21.04.15

Good evening everyone and welcome to Long Lane Park for what promises to be an exciting game. Tonight we welcome Smethwick Rangers and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone connected with Smethwick a safe journey home after the game.

To reflect on Saturdays game has been like trying to reflect on a day at Alton Towers theme park! My head is still spinning from what can only be described as one of the craziest games of football that I have ever been involved in.

In the end I was happy that we came out with a point which could prove extremely valuable before the season is out. 4-4 is always great fun for any neutral to watch but not so for the manager. We committed defensive suicide on Saturday as a team, but saying that the boys showed unbelievable character and commitment to come from behind three times! That is something I have never been able to knock about the group of players I work with. They are all committed to the end and they all work as honestly as they possibly can. The point will hopefully go some way to ensuring our survival.

We now enter an exciting 7 days for the football club which will hopefully end with a cup final that we can all remember for the right reasons. Tonight is a vital game and to be honest I was hoping that by this stage we would be mathematically safe. This unfortunately is still not the case and we really are playing the long game! The lads are all trying as hard as they possibly can to finish off a long season successfully.

Tonight will be no different I’m sure and they will be fully prepared and focused to go out and get the three points which we really are desperate to gain.
I hope you all enjoy the game and I will see you all next Tuesday evening for our cup final!

Matt Whitehouse

Published by Russell Eynon