Saturday, January 29


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Message from The Board

So… it’s done!

Those of you who attended last night’s home match, may well have picked up that last night was not only our last home match of the season, but our last ever match at Long Lane Park!

Amazingly we have played there for two full seasons, but have made the decision to move onto pastures new from next season following extensive research and taking into consideration numerous factors affecting the Club, Management, Players and Supporters and our plans and aspirations for the future. This has been a long term project and plan with over 12 months of background work for all involved.

The Board are very excited by the prospects of the coming season and will be sharing details of our new “home” with you in the coming days.

Change is always potentially unsettling and whilst our tenure at Long Lane Park served it’s purpose, we are now moving forward again, ready to embrace another season, with new opportunities and a completely new way of operating at a new venue.

Exciting times ahead! Make sure you are a part of it! Keep your eyes on Facebook, Twitter and here at for all the latest news and updates. ‪#‎redarmy

Published by Russell Eynon