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Express and Star Cash for your Community

cfyc-lead_noheaderYou may have already seen on our Facebook or Twitter feed that we are participating in this year’s Express and Star Cash for Your Community scheme. In addition to our long term aspiration of building our own ground, the immediate challenge is with developing a pool of players who can wear the badge for a number of years and developing a women’s team.

Our Project? Our project is part of our 2020 vision to become a true community based club. We would like to develop our club to have a reserve side, youth team and kid’s team. We also wish to develop a female team. We would like to develop a training programme for these and our first team that cultivates an attitude to exercise and fitness that is healthy on and off the pitch. We would like to encourage children, teenagers and adults to participate in football, learn the rules, understand the system and have the opportunity to participate in some way either on or off the pitch. We are also keen to explore football for elders in the community. We have a number of qualified coaches within our club and would be pleased to develop their skills and support the community in doing so.

cfyc-lead1_sthumbHow will a slice of the dream fund make a difference? Everything one does in non league football has a cost associated to it and sponsorship and funding are becoming harder and harder to achieve. We have a small but dedicated team both on and off the pitch and funding will enable us to realise some of our ideas and develop interest in football at a Grassroots level and at a very community based level. We would be able to make bookings for training sessions for our players and begin a “grow your own” pool of players who can develop and be nurtured through a system which positively supports involvement, inclusion and participation, access to information and develop the club into a positive footballing influence to grow our next generation of non league and indeed league players.

As always we need funds in order to host training sessions to get our plans off the ground. Business Development Manager Russell Eynon was quoted in Thursdays Express and Star as saying “We want to begin putting together a ‘grow your own’ pool of players who can develop and be nurtured through a system which supports involvement, inclusion and participation.”

So we are asking all of our players, volunteers and most importantly YOU, our supporters to help YOUR club by collecting the tokens, starting with Thursday’s (24th September) launch edition (What do you mean it’s in the re-cycling…….) and return them to them to the club on match days or store them up and then email, text, tweet us and we will collect them from you.

We really want you to help us re-establish ourselves within the heart of Willenhall and its people.

Published by Russell Eynon