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Sponsorship appeal

We met as a Board, Committee and management team,  this week, with regards to reviewing, planning and plotting…a tough meeting (it always is), a frank meeting and one thankfully due to the relevant persons in attendance where we speak freely and openly for the good of the Club and look towards a progress for the remainder of the season.

We would like to ask for some help though with regards to the lifeblood of the Club. It doesn’t happen by magic and it doesn’t happen without the obvious…money.

We have over the last 5 years lowered the Clubs expenditure dramatically and by close to 70%. This is by negotiating rent and changing home grounds, doing what we can in-house and constantly looking at where we can be more efficient or effective and cut costs without hindering the Club. We are looking to find sponsors of all sizes for the last third of the season and for next season, so PLEASE if you have someone in the family who has a business and would like to be involved, let us know. We are very keen to make packages meet the needs of those people and their businesses who sponsor us. Our sponsors this season are 24/7 Taxis, Bloxwich Environmental Services, emcoDesign, E J Molineaux Transport, B.E. Wedge, Taylor Wimpey Homes and we sincerely thank each and every one of them for their kind and generous support – YOU all make a massive difference and the Club would not exist without you, (not an exaggeration!)

We need to find more people who are interested in making a difference and preserving and developing a unique piece of local living history – our Club! We are looking to expand our Board, get in more expertise and skills and generate income that will see this proud and enduring Club continue and develop into the future. One of the problems Clubs at this level encounter is that people always leave it to someone else. Sadly that doesn’t always work.

At this stage in any season We are always cautious of predicting anything and so am always tight lipped about my inner most thoughts about the future. Now is the time when we start to look at how it might look next season. We needs movers and shakers, like the above sponsors, who can work with us both professionally and financially to create a sound platform for the future of the Club. If anyone is interested or knows anyone who may be, please pass the email addresses as below:

Simon D. Hall –

Russell Eynon –

Sharon Hall –

Thanks for your continued and much valued support.

The Board of Willenhall Town FC.

Published by Russell Eynon