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Gerupthreea! – Frank Heseltine

Gerupthreea – 17th December 2016

Just got back home after leaving Queen Street, and feel totally pleased with the kind of controlled disciplined football I love see, Willenhall Town can justifiable be a shade upset with themselves in allowing 2 points to slip through their own fingers, because Ellesmere Town with all of their big guns on show and desperate to move even closer to the top three in the division, were for 86 minutes of the game totally and utterly outplayed from the first whistle until the referee gave them a very undeserved get out of jail card by blowing up for full time,but what made it such a good game is that Ellesmere Town where playing up to the high position status they hold in the division, but with Ben [THE TERRIER] Perks accepting nothing short of full blooded commitment from each of this players for the hold of the 90 minutes, and Mark [THE SMOKING CANDLE] Habba weighing in with another great strike, Willenhall Town had all the bases covered and looked so dangerous in moving forward with Chad [THE BOLT] Birch consistently worrying the life out of the Ellesmere Town defenders, Willenhall Town back four was totally marshaled by the 2 lads in the centre,so all in all I had a great day of football entertainment and I will be back for some more Grass Roots Football is the real game with players and managers who’s got a lot of bottle,Willenhall Town 2 v 2 Ellesmere Town, but how I’ll never know FUN OLD GAME.

Gerupthreea – 17th December 2016.

Just got in after downing a few pints on my way home after leaving Queen Street, and Bentley Pavilion the home of Darlaston Town 1874 earlier on in the day, by saying Grass Roots Football is the only place to be if you want to see real exciting football played by real players who just play purely for the love of the sport with the supporters getting thrills, spills and goals,and all for the very little price of gaining admission today I have seen 12 goals for the price of 3 quid, and as a supporter of the sport I don,t think that I have done to bad out of it entertainment wise, Darlaston Town put up a great show against Alvis Sports who play at a higher level of football, and who are top of there league as the only unbeaten side in the Midland League Division one south and going down by 0 v 4 with Scott the Darlaston Town 1874 goalkeeping have to go between the sticks because the regular keeper was suspended but the old master was at this best, so onto Queen Street where Willenhall Town are never a boring side and have been involved in so many exciting games this season,but today took on the roll of Farther Christmas in handing out the early seasonal gifts by being on the wrong side of a 2 – 8 scoreline which in reality should have read 6 – 10 and on top of all this playing the better football compared to Wolves Casuals over the top and chase game but that,s football for ya,all swings and roundabouts as scores and results don,t mean a thing to the next forthcoming game, where 3 more valuable points will be on offer. I would like to wish the sleeping giants of the Big 4 Os of Billo / Willo / Darlo / Wennyo [Managers] [Players] and [Supporters] a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,to you all and your families, and thanking you all for the great entertainment you provide for us throughout the season.

Gerupthreea – 10th December 2016.

Just got out of the shower after returning from a very wet afternoon spent at Queen Street, which was truly worth ever penny of the admission price, and ever drop of rain in ending up getting soaking wet but on the bright side both sets of players out there today have gained my undivided respect in serving up a good old fashioned derby game with no quarter given and no quarter taken, golden opportunities missed and golden goals scored with a couple of hand bags thrown in for good measure and all for just a few coppers, Both sides right from the kick off cloaked on to do a full shift with all them achieving that goal, right up to the final whistle ended a [Classical Derby Game] Willenhall Town Fc where two up within the first 20 minutes with two beauties the first from Chad, but the second one from [THE SMOKING CANDLE] Mark Habba was something special from outside of box, which had goal written all over it the very second it left his boot which flew into the top corner of the net, that would have left any professional keeper helpless, let alone in very good grass roots keepers in the likes of Ben the Bilston Town and Chris of Willenhall Town, who both did the business when called upon, as half time approached Bilston’s own hit man Dan [THE MAN] Elwell scored also a very good goal, which only added more spice to a great game of attacking football which continued throughout the second period with Bilston Town throwing more forward against a very disciplined Willenhall Town defence who dealt with the situation in denying Bilston Town a second goal with themselves coming close to adding to there own tally on the counter attacks, Ben [THE TERRIER] Perks captain of Willenhall Town lead by example who for me was the man of the match he had a absolute blinder who was pulling all the strings between defence and his forwards, at the end of the day the 2 derby games this season have finished on equal footing in points and goals with Willenhall Town shading overall today’s result.

On that note I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year thank,s for some great entertaining football for the sleeping giants of the Big 4 Os Billo / Willo / Darlo / Wennyo.

Gerupthreea – 8th November 2016.

Just got home and feel like I’ve just stepped out of a shower after watching Willenhall Town go down by 3 – 0 to Wolves Casuals at their ground of Brinsford Stadium, the score goes not do any justice to the Willenhall Town lads and rather flattered there opposition over the 90 minutes played but when luck does not run for you in football you can only but hope that it may balance its self out over the season as 2 goals out of the 3 had a great deal of luck about them and no one can point the finger on errors which had been made in preventing them.frank_heseltine_in_willenhall_town_2

Willenhall Town were every bit as good as there opposition and I would say better in the second half, and for the last 2 games have been without the services of there captain Ben “THE TERRIER” Perks who masters everything in midfield between defence and forwards, and makes things happen by his tireless work rate, but saying that the lads on the pitch all put in a full shift but did not get the rub of the green, and the only one I felt had a poor game on the night was an inconsistent referee over one or two boarder line decisions, but its nights like these when I get home soaking wet and it makes me feel very lucky when I have been greatly entertained by the lads who have put a strip on, and battled it out for 90 minutes and don’t get a penny for doing it, and the same goes for the people who work hard in getting these games on, no sir you will never hear me moan about getting soaking wet not with people like these around.

Gerupthreea – 26th October 2016.

Just got home from Queen Street after seeing Willenhall Town and Dudley Sports come up against each other in the first round of the Birmingham Midweek Floodlight Cup with Dudley Sports running out 0 v 4 winners on the night which to be honest I cant see Willenhall Town having too much complaints about as Dudley Sports route one football combined with hoofing the big ball at every opportunity of moving the ball up field, apart from the first goal which was a cracking strike on the run I think Willenhall Town would have to agree on tonight’s performance was well below the sort of great performances they have been stringing together of late in the league.

They had a few good chances and quite a few half chances but it was one of those nights however hard you tried it simply was not going happen you have to accept it for what it was a move on I certainly for one would not be beating myself up about it that’s for sure as cup football is so much different from the every week bread and butter games as preparation is done so much differently.

I would like to wish Dudley Sports all the best in the competition.

Gerupthreea – 15th October 2016.

Well what a great day for all of the sleeping giants of the Big 4 Os of Billo / Willo / Darlo / Wennyo who for the first time this season all took the maximum spoils on offer. Well done to all of the Big 4 Os.I have just got in after seeing a splendid performance at Queen Street where Willenhall Town FC where playing hosts to the much fancied Shifnal Town Fc who are known for playing some very good football since there promotion, and this season have already taken 3 points away from Queen Street, But today Willenhall Town Fc made sure that lighting would not strike for a second time at Queen Street today, Willenhall Town Fc for the whole of the 90 minutes controlled the game against a very good and organised side in Shifnal Town Fc Willenhall Town Fc,s workrate never dropped who where lead by an extremely workacholic captain in Ben Perks and the team around him responded to a man as Willenhall Town Fc ran out with a very deserve win in Willenhall Town Fc 3 v 1 Shifnal Town Fc, but the would have been even more if the game had continued because Willenhall Town Fc by this time with there shear workrate had broken the spirits and hearts of a shell shocked good Shifnal Town Fc side who I am sure they where more glad to hear the final whistle than there opponents on the day against a very hard working and disciplined performance from the Willenhall Town Fc side as they make there way done the A41 empty hand but I feel must have very little complaint of today,s outcome, Habba the gaffer spearhead the Willenhall Town Fc attack and the [SMOKING CANDLE] weigh in with a very deserved goal for shouldering the lions shear of the attack.and finally football is faster than it was in my day, and some off the rules have changed but it can never change workrate and discipline from becoming the main outcome of success ,great game lads I [ENJOYED ME FOOTBALL] Thank you I will be back for more.

Gerupthreea – 12th October 2016.

Yo core beat a bit of Grass Roots Football when you want to see the real game played by young very talented players by giving there all in putting a Full Shift in, by no profit being gained by either travelling or playing expenses, and playing the game at a very high standard with an end product of being very entertaining football for there supporters to watch and only for a pittance of an entrance fee,I would like to go viral in saying to the F.A that I would not cross the street to see a professional football game in progress, but I would be prepared to walk miles to see these lads of Grass Roots Football and the people who make it possible for us the supporter to see our local heroes,and go out of there way to make us all part of the seen, If I was given a free season ticket to watch professional football I would sell it at a knocked down price, and use the money to watch more of my local sleeping giants heroes of the 4 Big Os BILLO / WILLO / DARLO / WENNYO and always be on a winner which ever one of them I watched with the talents on display and close enough to touch !!! GERUPTHREEA !!!

Gerupthreea – 12th October 2016.

Well last night I went to watch Willenhall Town Fc take on a much improved side of Cradley Town Fc at least midweek any way on a pitch that resembled the Crooked House ,s back garden at Himley which had more uneven bounce than a plastic ball on a cobbled street its not a ground that would have greatly motivated me in my playing days the grass was on the long side which must have felt like pushing the ball through snow where you would have had to put more weight behind the ball in achieving a good passing percentages over a game, but all this is down to my own opinion on how I feel that it would have effected my style of play and not a excuse for defeat as the playing area is the same for both sides the difference between the 2 sides is that Cradley Town Fc chose to play long hard arial ball which payed dividends in the end, opposed to Willenhall Town Fc methods of play in passing and moving with the ball on the deck which in last nights case the passes where falling short of the mark as a golfer falls short on a putting green direction was right but the weight was wrong, although Cradley Town Fc ran out 4 v 1 winners Willenhall Town Fc created a lot of scoring chances in and around Cradley,s penalty area the ball would not just sit down for them, in as much it reminded me of a song from Elvis,s film G.I .BLUE as[ have you ever , have you ever had one, have you ever one of those days when nothing goes right from morning to night have you ever had one of those days] you have to put it behind you and move on, and not go around beating yourself up about. [ENJOY YA FOOTBALL]

Gerupthreea – 9th October 2016.

Just got in after watching the final of the Callie Memorial Cup which took place at the home of Rushall Olympic there was a great turn out for this most special occasion in aid of the specialized charity. The 2 teams took to the field one as the Reds and the other being the Oranges a 2 minutes centre circle applause was given, and observed with the greatest of respect by everyone teams / officials / and the gather crowd and there children,Matt Whitehouse captained the Orange side and chosen to kick up the slight upgrade the Rushall Olympic pitch has, it was only just before k/o that I noticed the ref who was in charge of the game which sent me frantically checking my little black book of shifty geezers and yes I had him on my hit list, the game was played at a furious pace with Matt Whitehouse majestically controlling the Oranges side by spraying passes to feet from all side of the pitch and I can only say, that I was shocked when the Reds took the lead which was totally against the run of play but when the Oranges got on level terms justifiably may I say, throughout the game it swung one way then the other, and just before the end of a most competitive game the Oranges found themselves in a most unfortunate position of trailing 2 v 3 in a game that they had fully had the lions share of, and as time was running out the Oranges put together a 42 pass move before there centre forward was brutaily brought to ground inside the box,by the Reds defence who by now where clearly playing on there wits end, a clear penalty but it seemed to take ages before the decision was given, and it was only when the official had been informed that the tackle was not even in the same post code as the ball that the penalty was awarded which the Oranges dispatched with a certain amount ease, which set up a last 5 minutes of football frenzy with both sides going all out for the winner which never came as the scoreline remained at 3 v 3 man of the match with 2 assist and a goal was Matt Whitehouse captain of the Oranges team there was one booking at the end of the game as I was shown a yellow card by the referee for pissing him off throughout the entire game, the event generated a great atmosphere with players and officials giving there all of which the public clearly enjoyed [ WELL DONE MATT AND KRYSTAL] and thank you for asking me to come to Callie,s special event.

Gerupthreea – 7th October 2016.

All the very best of football luck tomorrow goes to the sleeping giants of the Big 4 Os Billo / Willo / Darlo / Wennyo with an extreme word of caution as there has been some very good results over the last few weeks by remembering a football quote, as your only as good or bad as your last 90 minutes as being a fact, so if you,ve got to put something right tomorrow would be a good time to start,and if your on a good run try to keep it going by not looking back always look forward because your next game is always the big one, football will give you nothing on past results it will only give you something of value if the team spirit is good and everyone being willing to share a high level workrate in gaining control of the opposition job to do lads [ ENJOY YA FOOTBALL] whatever Gerupthreea.

Gerupthreea – 5th October 2016.

frank_heseltine_willenhall_town_fcI am just tucking into my supper after getting back from Queen Street where I was treated to a magnificent display of football between Willenhall Town Fc and the runaway leaders of the the West Midland Regional League Wolverhampton Sporting Cfc it had everything a keen supporter would ever wish for the record will show that the final score finished with both teams shearing the spoils at 2 -2 ,but what was served up between the the whistle and the final whistle was a sight to behold, there is a very true and old saying in football in as much that an opponent can only be as good as you allow them to be, Willenhall Town Fc tonight fully demonstrated that saying to be true hard fact there workrate was by far a higher stand than I have seen from any professional club or its mega buck paid players they scared the living day lights out of there opponents and where only 12 minutes away from send the champions favourite back home pointless, everyone who had the honour of wearing the Willenhall Town FC shirt to a man was a hero in no sense of the word they battled, and continue to battle for every ball tirelessly which at times had there talented opponents of Wolverhampton Sporting Cfc on the ropes ,it has been many years since I could not honestly tell you who was man of the match i would after say the whole of Willenhall Town Fc tonight, Wolverhampton Sporting Cfc with the great talent they have at there disposal may well go on a win the title as they are truefully a very good side, but they will not forget there opponents of Willenhall Town Fc tonight in a hurry that,s for sure well done all concerned at Willenhall Town Fc for making an old supporter that real true honest hard working football is still available on this planet of ours.

Gerupthreea – 24th September 2016.

I have just walked in through my front door a very confused Grass Roots Football supporter, as my cats took to the high ground after successfully reading my body language and my continued muttering to myself. the game I have just seen was on balance a very good game between Willenhall Town Fc and Haughmond at Queen Street as Willenhall Town Fc more and fully matched there opponents throughout the whole of the 90 minutes as each player put it on the line and fairly speaking should have gone in at half time ahead, but the final score of Willenhall Town Fc 0 v 3 Haughmond was totally unjustifiable but as they say every things fair in love and war and football also can be very cruel sometimes, of which is all part and parcel of the excepted game but wait for it, I must say that today,s official where consistently of poor stock, and declined the urge to say that they where f–k–g useless, and as a old centre half I would have been very disappointed by 2 of the opponents goals the first one came about after Willenhall Town Fc had cleared there lines and all I repeat all had left there box in unity, but the opponent inside left as was number 10 in my day was last making his way out and was clearly offside in coming back from an offside position and netted unchallenged, the second goal was all above board after a miss judgement in the Willenhall Town Fc defence fair play, but Willenhall Town Fc did get on the score sheet the referee was not up with play as the opponent goalkeeper was not sure whether to come out or stay at home three players collided with the ball finishing up in the back of the net the linesman on that side was totally in line with play and saw nothing wrong with the goal standing but the goalkeeper clearly bought the referee decision by becoming the injured part after he had clearly collided with his own player, the opponents third goal came about after the linesman did not flag after the opponent centre forward had received a ball from a free kick who was totally offside when the free kick was taken,Haughmond at the end of the day deserved there victory but Willenhall Town Fc pushed them every inch of the way but the officials was not up to the job what the fee is based on.

Gerupthreea – 7th September 2016.

Just got whome after watching the game or I thought it was a game between Willenhall Town Fc and Cradley Town Fc at Queen Street which the away side of Cradley Town Fc won by the odd goal in 3 the 2 goals they scored was i mite say was good goals but this will be the last time in my view that I will use the word [ Good ] right from the K/O they made it known to all and sundry that prisoners would not be taken by imposing a physical present when and where possible which I felt unnerved Willenhall Town Fc a wee bit as well as inforced changes having to be made through players having other arrangements on match night,the official in the middle was totally inconsistent of stamping any authority on the game and football suffered the consequence, yes I will agree that football has to have its physical side and playing at centre – half for a good many years than I care to remember, but in this game with the official being so weak I could see someone going to hospital, where if I,d have been a player I would have expected to be carried off, or being told to taking an early bath, he tried late in the game my simply brandishing yellow cards around like a buy I and get the next one free, this kind of reffing is a danger to public health as did not see much football display tonight as Cradley Town Fc a part from the 2 goals just huffed the ball all night,but if that gets results o/k but I don t like watching boring survival football and if I want to do that I would watch professional football,the ref took his money but lucky it was not blood money.

Gerupthreea – 3rd September 2016.

Oh well I,ve done my first month of peeping over fences and spying from the bushes on the Big 4 Os of Billo / Willo / Darlo / Wennyo seeing them in there pre season games and there first few matches.I can only say that I am very impressed with the quality of talent that is at the Big 4 Os disposal young players with very mature heads on there shoulders and the right attitude of what can I give to make our side better and not for what the side can give to me in exchange, this is the best bunch of players I see stretched across the Big 4 Os circuit for some years, attitude / workrate / team spirit and a strong will in going that extra mile all seems to be there with the cellabration of winning and the mature of losing which always makes the next game the big one great show from the Big 4 Os stay strong well done lads.

Gerupthreea – 3rd September 2016.

I,ve just got home after having my Saturday afternoons dose of football addiction satisfied, which I hope keeps me going until 19:45 of Wednesday night when Willenhall Town Fc play hosts to Cradley Town Fc at Queen Street, today,s game between Willenhall Town Fc and A.f.c Bridgnorth at Queen Street had everything i keep wittering about like some nutter on the far side of the pitch Willenhall Town Fc for me ticked all the boxes that goes to destroy an oppositions moral by breaking the heart then legs the legs quickly follow, as Steve Hicks the Grass Roots Footballing [LIGHTHOUSE] and my friend will bear me out, Willenhall Town Fc took control right from the off, gradually waering A.f.c Bridgnorth down as a cat does to a mouse before its kill as the opposition was given no time on the ball in gaining self confidence, Willenhall Town Fc,s forwards held and shielded the ball as if it was a baby they found space easy to come by with some great running off the ball followed by some lethal finishing as they was great supported by a very industrious midfield who pulled all the strings then it came to invention and closing down the oppositions ability to move forward, last but not least as being a defender all of my footballing life, by saying that I would have felt proud if i would have played in Willenhall Town Fc,s defence today as everyone played for each other and staying alert, the 2 central defenders did a great job in both ariel and at pitch level by just dropping the anchor, the full back,s getting down the line with players in support on overlaps was very refreshing, Willenhall Town Fc deserved running out by 5 – 0 on the day, a very true old football saying, is that the opposition are only as good or bad as you allow them to be was fully evident today,Willenhall Town Fc,s workrate started at K/O time and did not finish until the final whistle. Grass Roots Football Players are my milk and honey well done lads.

Gerupthreea – 2nd September 2016.

Great days of when the Birmingham District League was only one stepping stone away from the old fourth division, with only the Southern League standing between the above divisions.Bilston and Darlaston grounds being Queen Street / City Ground where the places to be on Saturday afternoon and the summer nights games, both clubs at that stage where Semi – Professional clubs and the league come prized of 2 dIvisions full of the local towns within a 30 mile radius with Evesham and Banbury being the longest travelled away games, I could just readily peel of even the towns nicknames and for everyone of these games the towns streets where lined with supporters from 14:00 till 15:00, making there way to all of the leagues fixtures. rushing passed each other in a attempt to get a good view of the game, as most of these clubs had a huge supporting following of 500 + plus a game, as kids we used to call it shoulder top football simply because of the crowds congestion, we where passed from shoulder to shoulder by anybody to make sure we had a good view and even the away supporters took there turn of sharing our weight,also every town had there share of supporting loveable characters flat hat and scarf supporters which only added to the excitement of the occasion, each team had a notable player and full of character, who had a love hate relationship with there oppositions away supporters, the best known of so visiting players to Bilston was a chap named Coggins who played centre half for Tamworth, who used to find it extremely funny by deliberately getting up the Bilston supporters nose for kicking to ball out of the ground with minutes to go, but I am glad to have been present at Queen Street the last time he played against Bilston before he hung is boots up, as he simply broke his heart and was in tears on the pitch, because all the supporters from both Tamworth and Bilston roared and sang his name throughout the game. It saddens me today on how some of the so called supporters who one minute sing the praises of a certain player when he is playing for there particular side, then the next minute these very same so called supporters of football scorn and make him feel unwelcome simply just because he has chosen to join another clubs, as this is not really a supporter of the bigger game, by showing a petulant attitude on a players return to the ground where he may have started his footballing life, I am glad that I can still look on these players for who they are, and who have given me great football enjoyment and still do,whatever colour shirt they may wear and club that now represent,as these lads have become my modern characters of today,s game, and the day I become petulant like some of the present day supporters seemed to have became towards them,for just simply performing his footballing skills as a player for the opposition,as that will be the day when its time to bin my hat and scarf, because I simply would not want to be there having to support a player or club by the use of having to wear blinkers, as it takes 2 to tango and I love dancing.

Gerupthreea – 29th August 2016.

Only just got back from Queen Street and still out of breath, where I witness one of the best derby games i,ve seen for a good many years both set of players stepped onto the lush green turf at 15:00 as lads but come 16:45 all of these players left the pitch as giants, because in that very short time of 90 minutes, where no quarter was given and no quarter was taken, it was absolutely great to seeing both sides going at it hammer and tongue where tackles came in from all angles players went down and got up without rolling over and over in get up almost immediately without running to the ref in begging him to brandish yellow or red cards for the offence and allowing the ref to keep the game the flowing without surrounding the officials and keeping there own minds on the game,truly I found the way the players and there coaches reacted over the 90 minutes was professionalism of the highest order, which would have been a great eye opener, to the so call nancy overpaid and overate boys who have professional stamped to there uncreative foreheads because these players I speak of ,did everything that you would liked to have seen in a local derby game which meant so much, no standing on the ball by the corner flag to waste a seconds these players gave it all with Bilston Town Fc eventually winning by the odd goal in 5, I would like to raise my hat in salute for the professionalism shown by all the players / managers / and officials and end saying it was nice to see Karl back beneath the sticks, with Chad and Luke holding the central back four together and our centre forward who really came of age today by nailing that shirt down, believe and everything is possible thank,s all for showing me that real derby football still exists, and without the whinging and whining that seems to raise its ugly head, when a game is played with so much excitement and venom as a full blooded derby game should have and deserves [ WELL DONE TO ALL CONCERNED ] and thank you all for making my day memorable.

I wore the colours of my birth right Orange and Black, but also I wear the colours of the other 3 Big Os in support of the local towns when I drop in on them, playing against out of the district opposition as they all have one quest in mind, that,s to survive on the revenue coming in on there home gates takings, and as I don,t travel away much these days this extra money is going into there coffers,as to just watch one team play at home every 2 weeks and just sit around the house waiting for the teams next home game, does nothing for the bigger picture of Grass Roots local football as the Big 4 Os need each other to survive, instead of having to travel miles away to play a new team the season after, then the likes of other local teams like Willo,s / Darlo,s / Wennyo,s have gone to the wall, simply because me and a few hundred more like chose to sit in the house on away days, when these 3 teams are on our doorstep if I am being asked an open question I will give you an open answer and to the few that may read this, in would I wear an opponents towns colours again my own town is, that,s highly unlikely seeing that I have been going to Queen Street to watch Bilston town Fc since 1953 with my dad and his dad before him, I will still be there when the john,s comes lately have long gone, and still paying my entrance fee on the gate so what I would say to the every two weekers at Queen Street, is to visit other local towns grounds and push the money around locally instead of sitting in the house waiting for the next home game by just back and watching other local towns Grass Root Football go under like Darlaston did a few seasons back and Willenhall who nearly went under last season, because when its gone its gone!frank_heseltine_in_willenhall_town_4

Gerupthreea – 29th August 2016.

All the very best of football fortune today must go to the West Midland Regional League premier division sides of the Big 4 Os Willenhall Town Football Club versus Bilston Town Football Club. Queen Street ground Bilston is the venue and K/O time is 15:00 It will be the Lockmens and Steelmens first local derby clash of the season, which promises to be a hard fought close affair with both sides running neck and neck in the league stakes, also it will be the first local derby for both managers Scott Hamilton of Bilston Town Fc and Mark Habba [ THE SMOKING CANDLE ] of Willenhall Town Fc who will have there first game taste of [ THE BAPTISM OF FIRE ] both clubs have had there share of football glory over the years but that will count for nothing at K/O time it would be great to see a huge crowd at Queen Street for 2 great clubs who have served there towns footballing community for decades, because as a football fan of either one of the 2 sleeping giants as you will not want to miss this one blink and it will be gone.

Gerupthreea – 28th August 2016.

Just got out of intensive care after yesterday being run over by a double decker bus in Willenhall then flattened by a steamroller in Bilston but that,s the wonderful side of football as yow dow now what,s around the next corner but its all great entertainment if you love the game for what it is, with 2 sides going at it hammer and tongue in trying to gain a result, and everyone one of them not having to carry that extra burden which our so call professional footballers have in being paid for none services rendered.The volunteers who provide the services in putting these games on are at the ground hours before K/O making sure all the arrangement are put in place in readiness for us the supporters to be charged a few coppers in seeing the fruits of there hard labours for the whole of the 90 minutes or so and if its a cup -tie even longer to satisfy our football addictive needs in order so we can leave the ground either happy with the result or moan about the result but that,s where it stops with us a supporters,all these people of the above I have mentioned have other chores to carry out before there can leave the ground in order of our next visit, so I would ask of any football supporter to stop and think, before questioning these activities would they be prepared to give up to 10 hours free time on match days and the answer I would be getting would be I don,t think so whether it be win / lose / or draw I am always very grateful to all of these people who provide me with my football entertainment, and I always look forward to my next visit which will be on Monday 29th of August when the curtain goes up for the local derby of Willenhall Town Fc against Bilston Town Fc at Queen Street Bilston K/O 15: 00 I will be the supporter wearing the fireproof suit, but I would ask any supporter to think on to what I have mentioned if these people did not freely provide we would be glued to the tv on Saturday as well as the games in the week [RESPECT].

Gerupthreea – 27th August 2016.

What can I say, football,s and wonderful game when the results have gone your way, but when they have not it can be a very unforgiving task master, of which we have all been there sometime in our football lives when for some unexplainable reason we could not manage to kick a can up an entry, and it is on days like these its hard to think positively, but positively we must so ok we have lost the 3 points on offer today, but that got nothing to do with next week / next month / next year,as the next 3 points is just around the corner, so stewing over a lost cause can be the most negative tool in a players armoury, today will test a players attitude and his strength of football character, and what I have seen so far this season by the Big 4 Os is that each and ever player will be chirping at the bit to make the next games team sheet cometh another day cometh another game [ENJOY YA FOOTBALL] as its only a blink of an eye before your standing next to me. ” Gerupthreea “.

Gerupthreea – 26th August 2016.

All the very best to the Big 4 0s of Billo / Willo / Darlo / Wennyo whether it be at home or away the main aid is the pick up points in staying with the pack, game consistency/ / team spirit / pitch discipline is vital in the first half of the season, over so many years I have seen some great football sides chasing the cart when the Oss has bolted, dressing room team talk of the game in hand as got to be given total respect by all, to the coach giving it, and having full attention being given by the players with no side tracking, like have you seen my new boots or who is on match of the day this weekend as this player would have booked his seat on the bench, to start a game you have got to by fully mental prepared, as early goals are conceded and early full chances are squandered, simply because the brain has decided to start 10 minutes after the kick off, which can result in a game being won or lost and valuable points being flushed down the drain,by not giving the game in hand that full professional respect,in becoming a great player you have got to be at the races all of the time,preparation is vital to consistent success [ENJOY YA FOOTBALL] as much as I do supporting the Big 4 Os Gerupthreea.

Gerupthreea – 17th August 2016.

Well I must say, from a spectators point of view I have seen it all tonight at Queen Street Bilston, where Willenhall Town Fc played hosts to Smethwick Rangers who had came fresh from going nap hand against league favourites Bridgnorth at the Meadows on Saturday. Smethwick Rangers tonight eventually ran out 1 – 0 winners, and with the fear of people thinking that I am biased the goal that won the game for the visitors was a total freak, but fare play to the Smethwick forward he seized on the opportunity but if he lives to be a hundred this sort of chance are rarity at any level within the game but it happen and that,s the end of it,This freak goal would have destroyed many a teams spirit happening in the first 10 minutes, but Willenhall Town Fc held there nerve and battle on to a man,with both sides playing some nice football, when the referee stopped trying to take centre stage by trying to explain every time he had blown the god dam whistle in 50 or more languages when every player knew at the time, is constantly stopped a good game between to good sides from flowing,Willenhall Town Fc throw the kitchen sink at Smethwick Rangers in the second half but could not found a break through, but as a spectator I really enjoyed the game with both sides going for it, Habba THE SMOKING CANDLE] lead by example he ran and fought for everything all night and this kind of effort still makes him one of the most dangerous forwards in the league even on today,s stage. Willenhall Town Fc gave every bit of value for money tonight and a lot more also I like there Centre Half he was outstanding a good old fashion stopper who read the game well but the rest of the lads was not far behind him entertaining I should say so, good luck to Smithwick Rangers on there travels [ ENJOY YA FOOTBALL ] bring it on Grass Roots football I mean the real football.

Gerupthreea – 13th August 2016.

Just got home after stopping off for a few beers, because my throat was a rough and felt like the inside of a Russians weightlifters jock strap.But another great game at Bilston where Willenhall Town Fc played hosts to Gornal Athletic Fc,Willo went straight on the attack with some fine football being for the first 10 minutes of which Willo had the lions shear, and I thought may have sneaked a goal within this period but it all came down to just huff and puff,Then Gornal scored and for me to be fare I thought was well worth there half time lead, but after about 55 minutes someone on the bench must have reminded the players that they where still behind in the game although they where playing some nice football the end produced lack finish Habba [ THE SMOKING CANDLE ] brought himself on and the tide started to change in Willo favour who converted 4 of the chances that came there way and finished the game strongly. The 2 manager of the sides on display are still going through a mix and match process in order to that would suit match play but if Gornal Athletic Fc keep putting in the same work rate as today for there new manager Matt Whitehouse the tide will change very quickly, Habba [ THE SMOKING CANDLE ] when he came on for Willo only inspired the players around him to finish the job off, and I must say Matt Whitehouse to new manager of Gornal Athletic Fc maybe starting the steady the ship, but for entertainment the supporters again really where on a banker, Willo 4 v 2 Gornal Athletic Fc, long live Grass Roots Football if only for sanity of the real football loving supporting.

Gerupthreea – 12th August 2016.

A the best of luck for the Big 3 Os Billo / Willo / Wennyo as they go into the second week of the season, at the moment there seems to be a mixed bag of teams in league, so now is the time for picking up those early seasons points, as it will take about six weeks before we start to know the difference between the strengths of the teams, the Darlo,s have got the week off so the sun cream will be out followed by a dip in the cut, so watch out lads for the floating oil drums and the odd Assa trolley turning up.

Gerupthreea – 6th August 2016.

Well done Habba [ THE SMOKING CANDLE ] and [THE RED ARMY] who grabbed the bull by the horns away in Herefordshire with a great fighting performance against the odds by overcoming the BAG WASH team of Pegasus Juniors football character shown its true colours today in Billo / Willo / Darlo with Wennyo who will soon be opening there account of that I can be certain, but for known lets enjoy the sweet taste of some great victories on the day [ I ENJOYED ME FOOTBALL ]thanks for the entertainment one and all from the lads of the [ BLACK COUNTRY ]

Gerupthreea – 5th August 2016.

All the best of sporting luck to the Big 4 os of Billo / Willo / Darlo / Wennyo for tomorrows opening encounters in the West Midland Regional League with the main thought being in ever players mind [ENJOY YA FOOTBALL] there,s no buses to catch keep it simple basis and effective respect your opposition but [NOT TO MUCH]

Published by Russell Eynon