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Player Q&A with Ryan Hughes

We’ve brought back the Players Q& A for the new season. First up is Ryan Hughes. Let us know who you want to see next…..join in with the #redarmy

WTFC: Hi Ryan, thanks for being first up this season…..tell us about yourself………..

Nickname: HUGHESY

Twitter: Ryan_hughes91

Instagram: ry_hughes91

Describe yourself in 3 words: I am a rebel…… see what I did there 😉

Tell us a secret: Justin Bieber is hands down the most played artist in my playlists. By a mile…

Secret Party Trick: Opening a bottle with my teeth…

3 things you’d need if you were stranded on an island: Phone/Signal/Fully charged battery

Favourite band/artist: No idea. I can go from Stormzy to Adele in 10 seconds flat…

Favourite Boxset: Prison Break


WTFC: Okaaaaaay…..Bieber???? Ok We’ll move on……update us on your football bio….

Copywright: Courtesy of Coven Photography.

Team you support: Liverpool

Player you were when you played as a kid: Stevie Gerrard all day!

Best game you’ve seen: Liverpool V Man UTD- Europa league quarter final at Anfield

Best game you’ve played in: Charity cup final at the Molineux in front of nearly a thousand people

Best player in your position: Probably Kante in the holding midfield role

Your best attribute: Ticket selling lol!

Your FIFA ranking: Obvs into the 90+…..(WTFC…..teammates…..agree?? 🙂 )

Messi or Ronaldo: Messi


WTFC: Teammates 2.0

Dressing Room DJ: Josh until he got injured.

Teachers pet at WTFC: (WTFC: No response…… 😉 )

Scariest Teammate: Got to be the skipper Jake, if we’re getting beat 🙂

Most skilful teammate: Jamal or Reece

Worst trainer at WTFC: 100% Victor! Haha

Best Dancer at WTFC: I reckon Geo could pull off a slut drop

Worst dresser at WTFC: Rich or Ryan Dillon. Both turn up in other clubs gear lol!

Nutmeg king: Jamal

Teammate with Best celebration: I think the shirt over my head after the own goal was a classic.

Phone Fanatic…serious scroller: Ryan Dillon (Fine him!)

Selfie obsessed: Ryan Downing- Self titled best looking in the team lol

Kitmans nemesis: Dec… Spills pop over everyone’s gear!

WTFC: Thanks again Ryan, good luck for the rest of the season!  Whose next……..hit us up on Social Media to let us know.

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