Saturday, January 29


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Player Sponsorship Update

We are delighted that local youngsters team AFC Willenhall have decided to sponsor a player for the 2017/18 WMRL Division 1 season.

AFC Willenhall have a range of children’s football age related teams and have selected Ryan Downing as their chosen player.  Fabulous to know that the players of the future are supporting the current adult side. Thanks to all at AFC Willenhall.

We are also delighted to welcome Judith Hunter back as a player sponsor.  Judith has selected a player each season over the last 3 seasons and returns this season to support Goalkeeper Declan Haire as her chosen player. Big thanks to Judith for returning to support our 2017-18 campaign.

Treasurer Sharon Hall always selects one of “her lads” to sponsor and this season is no different.  Always a tough task as she usually wants to sponsor them all but this season she has selected Ashley Campbell as her chosen player. Ashley returns to the #redarmy after playing a couple of matches last season and scored an important goal in our 4-4 draw with Darlaston.

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