Saturday, January 29


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AFC Willenhall Partnership

Willenhall Town FC and AFC Willenhall are delighted to be able to announce they will, going forward be working in partnership with the purpose of developing the players of the future for the town.

AFC Willenhall are a youth Club and currently have teams playing aged 10-14 across a number of leagues. AFC Willenhall are looking for an adult club for their players to be developed at when they can no longer play in youth clubs but currently has nowhere to send them.

Willenhall Town FC used to have a comprehensive range of youth teams but over the years this has depleted to purely the current First Team, and as such they cannot “grow their own” and have no chance of having players that have played together for years whilst developing.

A natural and somewhat obvious answer to both Clubs’ dilemma has been identified.

Willenhall Town FC can provide a Club where players can aspire to moving to when they are of age and can be that objective or goal for the younger players at AFC Willenhall. AFC Willenhall can provide Willenhall Town FC with players that have grown and developed their skills together over a period of several seasons and be the next generation of Willenhall player.

The two Clubs first joint project will be to bridge the gap between 15 and 17 that currently isn’t covered by either club. The likelihood is that AFC Willenhall will set up and run a youth team for Willenhall Town with a view then that all ages are covered from 10 to adult. Willenhall Town FC will support the development.

There will be chances for both Clubs to work together on things like fundraising and social activities which can only be of benefit to both Clubs and the Town as a whole.

Both Clubs are excited about working together and looking forward to developing the players of the future.

The future is bright… and very Red!

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