Thursday, October 28


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New Manager Appointed Matt Fisher

We are pleased to announce that following a record number of applications for the post of Manager, we have successfully appointed a new Manager for the 2018-19 campaign and beyond.

We would like to thank everyone who expressed an interest in the post. It means a lot to us all at Willenhall Town FC that people still feel there is a value attached to the Club and that they would want to manage the team. We offer a big thank you to all applicants for their interest, time and effort.

We are delighted therefore to welcome Matt Fisher to the Club and look forward to working with him in the coming weeks and months. Matt has previously managed Wolverhampton Utd and most recently Gornal Athletic FC who finished fifth in Division 1.

Like us, Matt knows the challenges ahead that we face. He is aware that we are likely to be in Division 2 and is not phased by this and looks forward to a long term plan for developing the 2018-19 squad and one that is fit for future seasons.

We do know we will be playing at Wednesfield FC’s ground again this season, so thanks to Mogzy for making this happen and for extending the welcome once again shown to us last season by Dean. We are frankly chuffed to not be on the road, again.

So the deal is done. The Committee and Matt have met and he has accepted the role and all that it entails and we have confirmed his appointment.

Matt will be confirming his backroom staff in due course and we will issue dates for pre-season training very shortly.

We wish Matt every success in his new post and look forward to the coming campaign, irrelevant of Division, because we are the #redarmy and there is only one Willenhall Town FC.

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